Integration and follow-up services after hiring and intervention aimed at maintaining employment.

Did you know?

Deaf and hard-of-hearing persons have greatly contributed to the blossoming of our society.

Examples :

Francisco de Goya
Spanish painter
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Joachin du Bellay
French poet
Pierre de Ronsard
French writer
Gabriel Fauré
French composer

Did you know that :

We find auditory deficient persons in all spheres of society :

  • on the professional level ;
  • on the cultural level ;
  • on the political level ;
  • on the sports level.

Did you know that :

In our entourage and often without knowing it, there is often a deaf or hard-of-hearing person.

Did you know that :

In Quebec, around 500,000 persons must deal with an auditory deficiency, that is 10% of the population. With age, more and more persons develop problems of deafness.

A good number of persons must deal with auditory problems following a context of inappropriate work (professional deafness).