Integration and follow-up services after hiring and intervention aimed at maintaining employment.


A quarter of a century of “Step by step” history

In 1977, some dynamic people, grouping together a majority of persons with a handicap and having the professional integration of handicapped persons at heart, united. Thus was born L’ETAPE, a specialized manpower service assisting the persons who want to create for themselves a place in the work market. As the years went by, L’ÉTAPE was able to adapt and respond to the needs of the clients. Since that time, close to 230 persons per year use this service.

Once upon a time…. L’ÉTAPE : Why the necessity of a service such as that of L’ÉTAPE ?

At the time of the elaboration of the L’ÉTAPE project in 1976, and which was born in 1977, there existed no governmental policy of equity concerning the employment of handicapped persons. There was neither any organization such as the Office des personnes handicapées. What a large step there was then to surmount.

It was illusory for a handicapped person to think of evolving in active society only by the development of his competences.  The personal experience of searching for work of Mr. Michel de Césaré, founder of L’ÉTAPE, (in its beginning, L’ÉTAPE was sponsored by the FEU-VERT newspaper of which Mr. Césaré was an active member), rapidly convinced him of the importance of elaborating a plan of action to make known to handicapped persons.  After only one year, the results surpassed all their hopes and they came in this way to confirm that : in order that handicapped persons obtain employment, they have “STEPS” to pass over and in order that an employer hire a handicapped person, he also must pass over “STEPS”.  “Together”, all would become possible…

In the month of August,  2009, L’ÉTAPE-Laval opened a new service of integration and maintaining in employment in Laval. This service is for persons under 40 years of age having a physical, sensorial or intellectual limitation.

At that time, 95 clients had access to our services of integration into employment and 80 persons were able to benefit from our service of maintaining in employment.

On July 2, 2011, L’ÉTAPE-Laval integrated clients of 40 years of age and over. Thus, since that time, L’ÉTAPE-Laval has as its goal to serve 175 clients of 16 years of age and over (without a limit of age) having a physical, sensorial or intellectual deficiency to integrate into employment and to assist 140 clients in their maintaining employment.


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