Integration and follow-up services after hiring and intervention aimed at maintaining employment.


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A complete and personalized approach

The L’ÉTAPE-Laval services are intended for any person having a [1] physical, sensorial or intellectual deficiency who lives in the Laval territory. Our services are offered in French and in English. For deaf or hard-of-hearing persons, we communicate in sign language (LSQ\ASL) and the oral technique. The integration of persons having a deficiency is done in different sectors: manufacturing, public and parapublic, non-traditional trades and the new technologies, etc.

This year, at L’ÉTAPE-Laval, more than 175 persons will participate in our integration into work service. These persons will develop their employability and many will thus integrate into the workforce. Furthermore, 140 clients will benefit from our services of maintainining in employment.

The services are entirely free.

[1] Any person having a deficiency bringing about a significant and persistent incapacity and who is subject to meet obstacles in the accomplishment of daily activities.

The services of L’ÉTAPE-Laval are subsidized by Emploi-Québec.

Our Method

  • Personalized approach adapted to your needs.
  • Evaluation of employability.
  • The setting up of a file (medical certificate, analysis of qualifications, personal aptitudes, audiogram, psychologic evaluation, etc.)
  • Professional assessment
  • Personalized action plan
  • Individual and group counselling
  • Workshops: self-knowledge, demystification of the handicap, preparation of the curriculum vitae, knowledge of the workforce, telephone contacts, interview techniques, group interaction, documentation centre and the Internet, etc.
  • Presentation to the employers (adaptation of the workstations, negotiation of programs for governmental subsidies, etc.)
  • Hiring
  • Follow-up after hiring (intervention for maintaining the employment)

Our Integration and Maintaining in Employment Services

By integration service, it must include the whole process furthering the development of employability and ultimately, the obtaining of financial autonomy.

The services offered by the employment counsellors are basically centred on the individual’s needs. The kind of help as well as the plan for action are elaborated upon only after a solid evaluation of the employability situation, taking into account among others: the process of the arrival of the handicap, the residual abilities, the level of academic training, the work experience, the para-professional experience, the financial situation and other pertinent factors. Furthermore, an important part of the counsellor’s work is to guide, to direct and finally to help the seeker in his steps.

The establishment of the participant’s profile of development of employability thus allows an individualized intervention plan. It is therefore at this stage that the counsellor undertakes with the person having a functional limitation the necessary steps in order to respond to the needs of this latter. It is also at this stage that he will establish the cooperation with partners such as: rehabilitation centres, local employment centres, (CLE), school commissions, association milieus, etc.


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