Integration and follow-up services after hiring and intervention aimed at maintaining employment.


Why hire a person having a physical or sensorial functional disability?

The enterprise gains in hiring a person having a functional disability. In the context of a shortage in manpower, the enterprise has access to a large pool of manpower having varied qualifications. Experience shows that a person having a functional disability working in a position adapted to his situation is just as productive as a person without a disability. Furthermore, in general, he is faithful to the enterprise which hires him, which can diminish the turnover of personnel. Finally a person having a functional disability who comes into work with a smile has a positive effect on the other employees.

To hire a person having a physical or sensorial disability, please contact us, we will be able to check into our bank of candidates to see if we have the employee that you are looking for.

Please contact the secretary :
Phone : 514-526-0887, ext. 310
E-mail :

Services to employers

  • Information and awareness session to the personnel of the enterprise.
  • Identification of the positions and analysis of the tasks.
  • Pre-selection of candidates
  • Adaptation of the work positions and access to diverse measures of accommodation [1]
  • Examples of subsidies : adaptation of the position, interpretation fees, salary subsidy:
    • Integration into work contract (CIT) of Emploi-Québec.
    • SPHÈRE-Québec.
  • Individualized accompaniment during the integration.
  • Training of the staff in charge of the supervision.
  • Job follow-up as long as necessary.

[1] The specialized manpower services are mandated by Emploi-Québec and SPHÈRE-Québec to manage the accommodating measures.