Integration and follow-up services after hiring and intervention aimed at maintaining employment.


«While I was looking for a job, as part of my career development, I had the chance to benefit the help of my employment counselor at L’ETAPE in order to apply for the Development of Employability Program made for people with disabilities, to be able to work in the public sector of Quebec. Don’t hesitate to call L’ETAPE in order to benefit from their personalised services, which will make you really satisfied. » Lylen, Quebec public sector employee

«At L’ÉTAPE, they helped me to find a job and they gave me the possibility to integrate the labour market as a security agent with the most acceptable work conditions related to my situation. They also gave me confidence in my capacity and skills. Also, at Transit, they really made an effort to adapt themselves with my limitations and which also makes my work interesting as well. »   Michel, employed by LE TRANSIT as a Security agent.

They accommodated me very well. I appreciated the counsellor and I enjoyed the workshops. I like very much my actual job.
Linda, employee at Le Transit.

Thanks to L’ÉTAPE, I found work that suits me.
Michel, employee at Le Transit.


As an employee at Le Transit, Diane says that she is very satisfied with the services of L’ÉTAPE. They helped me very much, she asserts.

Daniel, an employee at Le Transit, believes that it is very important to help persons with a disability to integrate into the labour market.

At SEMO L’ÉTAPE, the services are complete and I am fully satisfied with my integration. I am more confident in my search for employment.

I am very happy to have known L’ÉTAPE. I had the chance of obtaining a job adapted to my disability.
Linda, employee at Le Transit.

It was the first time that I went to L’ÉTAPE and I was very satisfied with the services. I hope that you will continue to find work for handicapped persons. It is a necessary and indispensable service. Congratulations to all the team for your good work!

L’ÉTAPE helped me to find a job in cleaning maintenance, and I am very happy about it.
Joseph, employee at P.R. Maintenance inc.

With L’ÉTAPE I obtained my first job.
Luis,  employee at System Powertec

L’ÉTAPE helped me to find a good job with a good salary!
Gilles, employee at J.P.Carton.

When I lost my first job, L’ÉTAPE quickly helped me to find a new one. Thanks to all of you !
Henri, employee at J.P. Carton.

I much appreciated the workshops on job search. This second participation of the programs of L’ÉTAPE allowed me to increase certain aspects of my search for employment.

During this session, we were able to actively participate and benefit from the encouragement of the other participants as well as the dynamic support of a competent team. Congratulations to all for your good work !

I have used the services of L’ÉTAPE since 1995 and I can say that I have been well served. Bravo to all !

I am very satisfied with the services of L’ÉTAPE. They are an outstanding team of professionals.

At L’ÉTAPE they care about us. One finds there smiling and friendly people, very close to their clients. Don’t change the recipe, it has very good ingredients.

Good luck and thanks so much !

I liked very much and I appreciated the services at L’ÉTAPE.

L’ÉTAPE allows us to build confidence in ourselves by taking courses, which give us more chance of finding a job.

But what should one say about L’ÉTAPE?

It is a castle built jointly, stone by stone, by each of the members and their respective counsellor in an atmosphere of harmony for the good of all and it is up to us to plant peons there so the rose will become a garden and can in this way, infiltrate our desire to conquer, to surprise our detractors.

Long life to L’ÉTAPE and an appointment for the golden anniversary !

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